Breeder: Debra & Carl Sylvester, Bowater Newfoundlands (MA, USA)

HD C/ ED 0, cistinuria free, heart clean



winner of Lithuanian Specialtiy; winner of Best in Shows

2008.05.30 - 2016.04.05



Date Show name and place Class Judge Results
2013/06/08 Latvian Specialty 2013 Riga Champion Beata Petkevica Exc-1, CAC, Best female, Club winner, BOS
2013/04/21 SAT Gold Cup (Italy) Champion Luis Fernandes (Spain) Excellent
2012/04/20 SAT Gold Cup (Italy) Champion Milan Lint (USA) Excellent
2011/08/05 International Druskininkai Major Cup Champion Peter Van Montfoort Exc-1, CAC, CACIB, Best female, BOB, BIG-3
2011/07/31 International Gold Dog Star Russia Champion Christian Staravache Exc-1, CAC, CACIB, Best female, BOS
2011/05/27 Lithuanian Specialty "LNLMK'11" LT Champion Natalia Potekhina Exc-1, CAC, Best female, Club winner, BOB
2010/12/05 International "Kievskaja Rus" Ukraine Open Christine Rossier Excellent-1, Best Junior
2010/12/04 Ukrainian Newf. Championate Open Liz-Beth Liljeqvist Excellent-2, R.CAC
2010/12/04 International "Chrystal Cup" Ukraine Open Jean-Jacques Dupas Excellent-1, R.CAC
2010/08/08 Lithuanian Specialty "LMLMK'10" LT Champion Barbara Muller Excellent-2
2010/06/20 International Moletai Cup Open Rafael Malo Alcrudo Exc-1, CAC, CACIB, Best female, BOS
2010/06/19 International Aukstaitija Summer Open Maite Lorenzo Gonzalbo Exc-1, CAC, CACIB, Best female, BOB
2010/06/06 Estonian Specialty Open John Burrows Excellent, Best female - 3
2010/06/05 Tallinn International show Open Mel Palm Exc-1, CAC, CACIB, Best female, BOS
2010/05/15 Kaliningrad International show Open Olga Goncharuk Exc-1, CAC, R. CACIB
2010/03/28 II group Specialty, Latvia Open Ramune Kazlauskaite Exc-1, CAC
2010/02/27 Latvian Specialty Intermedia Beata Petkevica Excellent-2
2009/12/19 International Vilnius Winter Intermedia Sean Delmar Exc-1, CAC, CACIB, Best female, BOB
2009/10/31 International Zooexpo, Riga Junior Joao Vasco Pocas Exc.-1, JCAC
2009/10/25 International Golden Cup Intermedia Carsten Birk Exc-1, CAC, CACIB, Best female, BOB
2009/10/34 International Vilnius Autumn Intermedia Satu Yla-Mononen Exc-1, CAC
2009/10/11 Matas Rex Gold Cup (Hungary) Junior   Best in show 5
2009/10/11 Sweepstakes, Dunakility Junior Maria Bogaerts Best Junior female
2009/10/10 WORLD DOG SHOW, Bratislava Junior Barbara Muller Exc-1, JCAC, WORLD JUNIOR CH
2009/10/09 Hungarian Specialty, Dunakility Junior Donovan Thompson Excellent-2
2009/07/12 National show, Valga Junior Evert Wieldraaijer Exc-1, JCAC, Best female, BOB, Junior BIS-3, BIG-1
2009/07/11 National show, Priekuli Junior Juta Haranen Exl.-2
2009/06/28 National show Rusne Junior Marina Patrina Exl.-1, JCAC, BOB, JBIS-1, BIG-1, BISS
2009/06/27 National show rusne Junior Tatjana Grigorenko Exl.-1, JCAC, JBIS
2009/05/16 National show Druskininkai Junior Olga Kozevnikova Exl.-1, JCAC, JBIS-3
2009/05/09 National show Jonava Junior Nijole Zeniene Exl.-1, JCAC, JBIS-4
2009/04/26 National show Panevezys Junior Svetlana Bondar Exl.-1, JCAC
2009/01/25 National show Kaunas Puppy Olga Goncharuk Very promising-1, Puppy Best in show-3
2008/12/21 International show Christmas Cup Puppy Bojan Matakovic Very promising-1
2008/12/20 International show Vilnius Winter Puppy Ove Germindsson Very promising-1